“Escape from Saigon movingly dramatizes the plight of people caught in the crucible of war and trying to survive. A searing tale that vividly recreates a tumultuous time in our recent history.” ~  Nicholas Gage author of “Eleni” and “Greek Fire” 


For those of us who spent a critical part of our youth in Vietnam during the war, and lived to remember it, that decade-long conflict will forever echo in our consciousness. But it’s not just the participants who were affected by it. For our entire generation, and even for those who were born after the war, Vietnam continues to ripple through our politics and day-to-day lives in subtle yet undeniably important ways.

I recently attended the New York debut screening of “The Vietnam War,” the upcoming ten-part, 18-hour documentaryby celebrated filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. READ MORE

 Clay Risen, Deputy Opinion Editor of The New York Times recently profiled Dick Pirozzolo and Michael Morris authors of "Escape from Saigon - a Novel" for an article on the medical consequences of spraying the defoliant Agent Orange throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Risen asked Pirozzolo and Morris about their  encounter with Agent Orange when they served in Vietnam, its effect on their health and their struggles with the Veterans Administration over benefits in connection with exposure since that time.  READ MORE

"BACK TO CHINA BEACH " is a new documentary about the legendary surf club at Danang's famous China Beach. The club was founded by Larry Martin to bring a little bit of home to the war zone and some 50 of his fellow soldiers and Marines became  club members who surfed the local waters.

Producer Mike Cotton, Co-Producer & Director Dave Barnes, a two-time Emmy winner for his work with PBS-TV, Associate Producer  and Adviser Larry Martin are seeking sponsors for Air Travel for the U.S. and Viet Nam, ground transportation and lodging to support the project.  READ MORE

"Back To China Beach" Documentary Recalls The Surfers Of Viet Nam

The New York Times Profiles Mike Morris, Dick Pirozzolo On Agent Orange 

Escape From Saigon Coauthor Morris On The PBS Series, "Vietnam"

 Having returned to Vietnam many times since the war ended, journalist and US Air Force veteran Dick Pirozzolo chose trade, culture and tourism to establish a link between Vietnam and the United States. In so doing he has written articles and editorials on the story of reconciliation between two former foes. Michael Morris was in Vietnam in 1967-1968 as a US Army infantry soldier. Together these two Americans coauthored “Escape from Saigon – a Novel,” published this year by Skyhorse Publishing, New York, USA. READ MORE

Vietnam's Biggest Online Newspaper featues "Escape from Saigon"

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Saigon Ranks With Casablanca, Shanghai Or Istanbul, For Intrigue, Mystery Danger And Romance

When Tony Mariano was a high school teenager he came to Vietnam to be with his Father, ABC-TV journalist Frank Mariano. Tony finished high school in Saigon and worked, part time, as a sound technician and field producer with ABC news crews.  As the war came to a close, ABC sent him Manila during the massive air and sea evacuation of South Vietnam where he played a pivotal role in transmitting reports of the nation’s collapse to the world.

War correspondents are the heroes  in "Escape from Saigon - a Novel".  This is the story of the price one pays to grow up in a family where journalism, and the story, comes first.  In Tony's words READ MORE


Life with my Father ABC-TV Journalist Frank Mariano

“In Saigon, we don’t ask many questions… where people came from, who they are or …were.”  from Saigon Singer by Van Wyck Mason

Perhaps that is why so many novels, movies, and even comic books and graphic novels are set in Saigon—once known as the Pearl of the Orient and celebrated for its Parisian boulevards, French colonial villas, intimate piano bars and of course brothels.  READ MORE